Ralph Lauren is proud to outfit the ballpeople, line umpires, and chair umpires for The Championships at Wimbledon
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“Together we inspire values that surpass sport, that surpass fashion, that stand for quality, integrity, and a spirit of optimism so important in our lives today.”
Timeless by Design

Wimbledon CLARUS® Mesh Hoodie

Crafted with CLARUS®, a textile innovation from Natural Fiber Welding, Inc., that transforms natural cotton fibers into a breathable, high-performance fabric with moisture management and quick-drying attributes similar to plastic-based synthetic fabrics like polyester and nylon
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Wimbledon 2022 Uniforms

This year marks 100 years since the All England Club moved to Church Road and the centenary of Centre Court, an unparalleled cathedral of sport. Ralph Lauren first designed the Wimbledon uniforms in 2006 as a partner with the All England Lawn Tennis Club, adding a sense of heritage style and craft to performance-focused designs
Umpire in navy blazer.

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Customized Polo Wimbledon apparel.

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