Polo Shirt
Yellow short-sleeve Polo shirt
Video collage of the Polo shirt.

“It was never about a shirt, but a way of living.”

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Video of The Polo Shirt Book

Ralph Lauren’s Polo Shirt

A definitive guide to the Polo shirt’s impact on style and culture for more than half a century
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The Polo shirt is embedded in the life of its wearer, telling a story of who you are, what your style is, and how you live. We want to hear yours. From how you style your favourite shirt to a memory you have wearing it, tell us your story using the hashtag #MyPoloShirtStory See Terms & Conditions
Video of the signature sPony being stitched onto a Polo shirt.

Shop Sustainably

Polo shirts crafted with sustainable materials and using production methods aligned with Ralph Lauren’s sustainability commitments
Video of customized Polo shirts.

Custom Polo, Made to Order

Designed for you from hundreds of custom combinations and using flat-knit technology
Video of Polo shirts being dyed.
Coming Soon

Colour on Demand

Launching 19 May, 2022, Ralph Lauren’s revolutionary in-store dyeing platform will transform how the fashion industry colours cotton—more sustainably, more effectively, and faster than ever before
Video of men and women in customized Polo shirts.

Create Your Own

Customise our icon with personalised embroideries, patches, graphics, and more