New Classics

Denim & Tailoring

Soft chambray and deep indigos offer a new approach to tailored lines

The Shirtdress

The Shirtdress

New iterations on a classic style

Video of vintage postcards and apparel with postcard-inspired prints.

Postcard Prints

Hand-painted sketches inspired by travel

Organic Cotton Capsule

Dyed naturally, the washed-and-worn look is unique to each piece. The faded, ultrasoft feel will only get better with time

Polo ID

Introducing the Polo ID collection—handbags inspired by the untamed beauty of wild horses and equestrian craftsmanship

Woman wears navy blazer over striped tee. Woman wears navy double-breasted blazer and white wide-leg trousers.

Blue & White

A classic mix of sophisticated style and modern ease

Woman wears navy silk dress over striped long-sleeve tee. Woman wears navy silk camisole under striped sweater.

Summer Stripes

The unofficial pattern of the season

A New Bag

[name] Coming Soon

A New Bag

Crafted from repurposed leather intricately woven to create a unique material with variation in appearance and colour, enhancing each bag’s character and artisanal appeal

The Dress Shop

Florals in sweeping silhouettes and more


Classics Shop

The styles you’ll always return to